Are you looking for a single app that will fulfill all your shopping needs easier. Most often you fumble through a number of apps to make a decision, which gift to buy, or what’s the best deal available to purchase items. Now all your shopping needs can be dealt within a single app ie, Clutch,  the mobile commerce company has recently launched the Clutch Shopping app for android users. You can download this app directly from itunes.

Apart from the launch, the company is also introducing a Clutch Rewards program. It will enable the users to easily earn Clutch Rewards Points everytime when they use this to load cards, shop, refer friends etc. These points can be redeemed for gift cards within the Clutch app.

Nowadays most of the people use their smartphones for online shopping. Quite often you may find it as a tedious task when you have to research hard for the best price, buy an item from one place, and then pay for it using an app or a physical card.

Clutch has come up with the first Android application of it’s kind to meet the needs of these mobile shoppers, uniting product discovery, shopping and gifting in one single app. People can load their cards into their mobile wallet and continue shopping. This app has made your life easier like never before. Clutch app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or later and is optimized for iPhone 5 as well.

Some of the unique features of this app are discussed below:

  • Mobile Wallet –Clutch users can keep all their cards in one place with the Clutch mobile wallet. They can add credit, debit, loyalty and gift cards, coupons and other card types like library and membership cards as well. The best part about this app is that you can add cards and coupons by simply taking a photograph . It also stores vital
    information in the mobile wallet for  future use.
  • Compare & Shop –There is a price comparison tool in this app which lets you to get the product for the best price. This app even alerts the users of the lowest prices online and nearby stores as well.
  • Nearby Deals – You can find the best deals available in your neighborhood area by using this app. You can search for promotions and discount offers at various stores. It will even notify the users  whenever they are passing a nearby retailer who offers a gift card stored in the app’s mobile wallet.
  • Shopping Feed – There is a shopping feed that allows you to explore and discover just like the way you do window shopping. It will save all your shopping preference and next time when you open the app you will see more personalized feeds.
  • Collections – You can even make collections of products and follow others’ collection boards. You can like and add other people’s items to your personal collections, and even add comments.

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