Who doesn’t fall in love with the aroma of filter coffee? As far as countries in Asia is much addicted to aromatic caffeine energy stimulant drinks! Getting into some of the friendly and popular brewers around the world. Which brewer you have at hand?

Coffee Makers From Around The WorldDelizio Uno Coffee Maker

Don’t you feel this looks fantastic and vibrant. Indeed this lovely choice is the product of a Swiss firm which is well known for making those delicious caffeine drinks at hand. This coffee maker is an added product of pride to the company. Delizio Uno brings up the coolest designs and style brewing tasty coffee which could sweep us off our feet. You can call this a capsulated coffee maker by its design. It is about 10.6 cm wide, heat up within 15 seconds,  the manual control system controls the amount of water being poured in with automatic capsule ejection accompanied with a modified collector system. You can avail this product via Office World for $106.

Coffee Makers From Around The WorldFrench Press Coffee Maker

If you could get your hand on this outstanding coffee brewer its just awesome! This is of Australian or European origin.  You can experience the sweet aromatic caffeinated drink and feel excited! The coffee maker adds simplicity to the surrounding with rich taste and aroma to the coffee. Pressed coffee using French press gets you the rich taste and thick consistency which you could get only from this coffee maker. Got a cylindrical glass carafe and stainless steel mesh filter which sieves out coffee mud from water. The coffee grounds remains at the bottom region and you could get instant tasty coffee from the above layer which you need to consume immediately and do not leave for a longer time.

Coffee Makers From Around The WorldStainless Steel Indian Coffee Maker

All Indian homes especially the South Indian homes during evening time or early morning just hover the lovely aroma of filter coffee! Awesome mind rejuvenating feel it is! Preparing hot traditional coffee using Indian coffee filter is part of every Indian’s life. A thick tasty hot coffee can make your day energy filled. The stainless steel filter got two parts the lower part stores the coffee ground that percolates and through upper portion hot water is poured which can be filter via filtering mesh to obtain tasty light or strong coffee.

Coffee Makers From Around The WorldVoltage Valet Quick Cafe Travel Coffee Maker

A great travel coffee maker. You can carry this coffee maker for your trips and enjoy the cafe style drink. It brews hot cafe flavored hot coffee which could fill 8 oz cup. The height and diameter of this coffee maker is about 7″ and 4″ and weighs about 1 lb. Works smoothly on dual voltage system. So don’t forget to pack your pouch with this travel coffee make which could make your tiring trip more refreshing!

Coffee Makers From Around The WorldMelita Take Two Coffee Maker

Hey does it look interesting and cool? Look you could make two drinks of coffee at a time! This machine is very simple to work  and the only drawback of this is it doesn’t have in-built mesh filter so as you go for trips take few paper mesh to filter the coffee grounds. Don’t worry of cleaning as this maker can be easily disassembled into many units for easy cleaning. The water reserviour with the indicator keeps you in check of the water level and water overflow trays can be removed once a while to clean it. Keep in mind, don’t expect large amount of coffee from this compact maker!

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