Common Troubles With Nokia Lumia Series of Phones and How to Fix Them Seems like the hard time Nokia is been going through for a while is not going to get over any soon. They have had a hard time after Android based phones started to come out, especially from manufacturers like Samsung which earlier where never a rival to Nokia when they had a steaming high time with Symbian OS at its peak. But that glory was short-lived. Sales fell down beyond an easy recovery; they sacked many, shut down their home plant in Finland and as a part to boost the sales, entered into Windows based phones associating with Microsoft and brought in some fresh new designs- New flagships like Lumia. But still the bad time for the former biggie in mobile world is just ingeminating. Nokia Lumia series phones got bugs and they have officially confirmed that.

Common troubles Lumia series phones are facing are a few. One that Lumia series phones got a problem connecting to AT&T’s network data and that made them wash off $100 on their AT&T bills.

Another problem is the volume of the ringtone getting high automatic temporarily, then the main issue with the screen they have, purple screen colour when the display brightness is set to low or when it goes low automatic when the display brightness is configured automatic. An issue with the camera button, you will have problems to wake your phone when your Lumia is off/standby and you have your camera button pressed to launch the camera application.

The Lumia vibrator rattles instead to make a smooth vibration. An issue with inline remote on headset; Nokia Monster Purity headphones will make it look as it froze and won’t let to pause or forward any playing track. Volume rockers stop responding or will need multiple pushes. These problems have pushed Nokia to roll out an immediate software update for Lumias. The latest software update will fix of these issues and if you got trouble with your Lumia, you can get it updated with the latest OS by making use of the Nokia Zune application. That means you don’t have to take a backup before you have the OS updated, Zune does it all.

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