The pace of today’s world is increasing every day. Facebook, Twitter and the Internet have ramped up the speed of information transfer across the globe. The pace of business has accelerated at a similar rate and situations, which used to develop over weeks and months, can now take place in a single day.

This situation leaves many 21st century organisations in a bit of a quandary. Companies that stretch across the globe are used to bringing their best minds together to create ideal solutions. But in a world that moves faster and faster by the day, it is no longer possible for people to meet face to face. For example, if a company with offices in London and New York needs to meet urgently there is no time for an executive to hop on a plane. By the time he or she arrives at a meeting the opportunity could have already passed.

conference calls If technology has created this problem it has also created the answer: conference calls. Conference calls allow people to hold instant meetings. Great sound quality removes any distraction and allows colleagues to get straight to important matters. With this innovation meetings can be conducted at the new pace of business. Many companies already use conference calls to increase their efficiency, and as the world moves faster and faster, many more are sure to join them.

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