Ho I need to wait for 5-6 minutes to make my laptop shutdown because I am using Microsoft Vista on my Laptop!!!. I googled about this and I found some information to avert this problem.

Edit some information in the Regedit can increase the speed of shutdown in Windows Vista.

Start Run (Windows Key +R) program and type regedit and hit enter.

Navigate through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control

On the right pane Modify the WaitToKillServiceTimeout string by right clicking on the string. The value will be 20000, make it 5000 instead. This worked well for me.

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5 comments on “Configure your windows vista for fast shutdown

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    Nice tip. THanks.

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    good job… thank

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  5. sham on said:

    thanks…really works.

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