I wish technology had progressed this much while I was in school. I had a huge periodic table hung on my rooms wall.
Now check this out.

This is the coolest periodic table I have ever seen. The interface is neat and wonderful. Any person will get interested in chemistry after seeing this.

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4 comments on “Coolest Periodic Table Ever

  1. Ahhhaaa…. Coool as you said. 🙂 This is really gonna help many sibblings now undergoing chemistry fever. 🙂

  2. Quitty on said:

    Wow…. What an interesting periodic table??? I m sure that the people who hate chemistry after seeing this periodic table will become the chemistry lovers moreover this will be very useful for students also….

  3. thanx for it bro !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Reynolds on said:

    Have you not seen Ptable.com? Many more features and it’s not even Flash.

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