Web design is becoming more particular every day. What works in one browser may not work in another, and can leave you scrambling creating hacks, and leaving your site’s SEO less effective. HTML 5 is being popularized by Google, Facebook, and the late, great Steve Jobs. While HTML 5 doesn’t perform as well as flash in some instances, it is much easier to use, and can provide some interactivity for your site. HTML 5 is also going to pave the way for better SEO, with tags such as “video” or “audio” letting search engines index sites much easier.

One problem is every web entrepreneur doesn’t know HTML 5, or even HTML for that matter. You can use a WordPress theme, but you might find yourself stumbling across your sites design numerous times while browsing. Who wants that? For those of us that do no have time to learn the in’s and out’s of webdesign, Hype, from the app store provides a great alternate option.

Hype lets you create, animate, and implement creative HTML 5 on your website. No coding experience is required. In all actuality it is more of a virtual web page creator. You click record and let the graphics work for you. You then have an output of state of the art HTML 5, CSS 3, and Javascript. And all you have to do is copy the snippets of code that automatically is generated for you.

With Hype you also get 100% cross browser capability. This lets your webpage work great for all browsers as well as mobile users, and tablet users. Of course if some code is not supported by a particular browser, Hype will fall back to proper Javascript code. Some call this “Progressive Enhancement,” but I call it peace of mind. You can be sure that everyone browsing your site gets the best experience possible.

Hype gives a great gallery of samples created usingthe application. If you do not have much experience designing websites then this is a great way to get started with some ideas. Hype also won’t leave you hanging. They provide great customer support, and offer some easy to follow tutorial videos to get you going.

With HTML 5 you are going to be leading the way in your niche with better SEO. Google loves HTML 5, period. This is because tags such as header and footer will make it much easier to index pages. On top of that the brand new article tag is perfect for writers performing link building services. HTML 5, along with Hype is the a great way to get some additional onsite and offsite SEO.

For as great of an application Hype is, it is pretty affordable. Hype, made by Tumult, is only $29.99 in the app store. For a low price you can really create some great websites fast, and reach all of your users in the same way. HTML 5 is the language of the future and can definatley give you a competitive advantage in SEO. What you create in Hype is what your viewers will see in their browsers.


This article was contributed by Ben Anderson. Ben is a webdesigner who also incorporates on site White Label SEO tactics for his sites.

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