Right from March 19, Internet speed all across the globe has reduced to a great extent due to a massive cyber attack, known as Cyberbunker. The attack is very unique and is often described as “distributed denial of service (DDOS),”

These attacks targeted web servers with so much dummy traffic that people who try to visit a legitimate site are unabale to do so just like a traffic block on the road, no one can move ahead.

According to the Security experts, this has been the massive cyber attack so far in the history.  Cyberbunker, a Dutch Internet hosting site based in Europe, is suspected to be responsible for this massive Internet attack.

The attacks were targeted mainly on a company called Spamhaus. This company is responsible for maintaining a “domain name system” that  will connect a URL that you type to the exact server hosting the appropriate content. When the services of this company was affected it show the aftereffect on the worldwide-web too.

Soon after the attack, Spamhaus blocked Cyberbunker’s servers inorder to clear out all spammers that might host their content with the company.Now Spamhaus is even assuming  that Cyberbunker is collaborating with a Russian and Eastern European criminal organizations to conduct these massive attacks.

The range of DDOS attacks is unpredicatable that’s what the technical experts say. With great efforts they target many popualr major banks at a magnitude of  50 billion bits per second and they use a data stream of 300 billion bits per second.

It is even assumed that the main cause behind this attack is due to the addition  of Cyberbunker in Spamhaus blocklist. Spamhaus, is a European non-profit organization that  help the email providers  to fight spam.

Cyberbunker has it’s headquarters in a five-story former NATO bunker.

“The only way to deal with this problem is to find the people doing it and arrest them,” security researcher Dean Kamintsky says to the Times. 

 Almost  five national cyber-police forces are doing investigation on these attacks and they are assuring to take action as soon as possible.

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