You can be a smart driver with your smartphone now with Dash Car Dongle. This is a low-energy Bluetooth device that has been developed by a team from Boston. You can plug in this device into your connect to your car’s on-board diagnostics port. Later on you can sync it with an iOS device to monitor your driving. The best part is that there is a free application that allows you to create a separate profile for each car that you plug the device into. It will also automatically sends data to the company’s website. It will even allow you to track trends and costs.

Already many startups have come up with the concept of driving aids but Dash is a unique service that helps you to improve your driving and allows you to create customized displays. All dash users can use their smartphone as a secondary display for finding out the speed, fuel usage and engine RPM. You can see updated charts and receive alerts when the car is not running smooth.

With the help of DashCam, you can even record a video of your trip with engine details by mounting your smartphone onto the dashboard or windshield. When you have this device attached you will be able to set a particular driving mode so that you can make your fuel last a little bit longer than usual. You can automatically save all your driving data to an associated online dash account. At this online dash account people can compare their metrics with other dash users. and pick up on best practices for squeezing optimal performance out of their rides.

You can pre-order this device on Kickstarter at a price starting from $69. It is expected to have the first batch of dash dongles will be out by June perfectly for the summer roadtrip season. It’s also disappointing news for the android users that they have to wait for another year to get their mobile car diagnostics on. However all gadget addicts are just anxiously waiting for this device with a low price when compared to other devices in the market.

Most of the drivers badly need this device as they get very limited information from their dashboard. It doesn’t really say anything other than the fuel content in the tank or how fast you are driving. Dash will help you to become an efficient driver at any cost. It will even act like a great help of drivers who has just started to know the operation and performance of their car.

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