Download All Your Google Data With Google Takeout We all know about most of the Google products, the most used search, Gmail, YouTube Documents, Play, Calendar and the new Drive that you can have an upgrade for your Documents. Even that we know about all these and a bunch more of other google’s products, many of us got no idea about the Takeout. Name seems a bit diverting, we may look to it as some kind of gift program or a takeaway, but its not.

Lets see what take out is. Google Takeout is nothing but the google option you have to collect all data and information you have deposited with google over the years and walk away just like that. Takeout lets you download the data from +1s, Buzz, Contacts, Drive, Picasa Web Albums, Voice and lot more. Now this Takeout option is not promoted as the other google’s products as Google Plus or Gmail or Adwords. The same reason only few know about this one product.

It’s easy for for anyone to get hold of your data and download them in just minutes if you have not ensured the best of security for your account. Features like 2 step verification is put out to ensure the best of security for your account, so be sure to enable features like that.

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