Durex Australia has come up with an interesting product for distant lovers, it’s called ‘Fundawear’. The company who has been a pioneer in making condoms boldly states that their new product is the “future of foreplay. Fundawear allows touch to be transferred over the internet, so that you can tease, tickle & tantalize your partner even when you’re far away from each other.

The main technology  used in Fundawear is touch technology that places actuators into the under garments which will be then stimulated by your partner via a smartphone app. The best part is that it can be used on both smartphones and computers. The real-time server will communicate well between both touchscreen devices and garments. According to the developers, actuators accurately convey the intensity and direction of the impact.

Durex’s Australian branch posted footage that features the  young couple Nick and Dani experimenting with this sensuous product over Youtube. It’s been said that there will be a great demand for this product as most of the long distance lovers crave for each other’s touch.

If you have a doubt that whether your underwears look very complicated due to the technology used, then you are absolutely wrong. Bille Whitehouse, a designer for Durex, mentions in a video that “everyone’s who’s tried the garment on has said how comfortable they are, how good they feel in them. They are an attractive piece of technology.”

 If you are a resident of Australia, you can even take part in a competition for online Durex Fundawear and become one of the testers of this wearable tech product.

Durex has finally solved the long back problem associated with long distance relationships. You will definitely fell in love the experience that this wearable tech provides,  it will be a great addition to your wardrobe. This can serve to be a great birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s day gift for your lover.

You will go high and excited when you receive  a sensuous touch especially when your partner touches their corresponding phone app. Comfort, sexiness and versatility all together come under one single product. This is the first device of it’s kind to transfer touch over Internet. So if you miss your intimate days and want to give life to your fantasies, just go for this product!

You can watch this video given below to find out how to use the sexy Fundawear:

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