Organizing a trip is a wonderful experience. Choosing the destination is exciting but it takes a lot of time to plan what to do there: you should consider what is on, opening times, distances, etc… Triporg is here to help you!

Triporg online trip organizerTriporg is the online trip organizer that in a few seconds helps you to choose what to see and do in the city you select. Triporg makes most of your leisure time suggesting an optimized set of sightseeing and activities matching your personal preferences. Plan your time!

Triporg will consider your own interest, travel dates, opening times, duration of visit or activities and the time needed to move from a point of interest to the next

How It Works

You just need to sign up and set your personal preferences. Then select a destination and your arrival/departure dates. That’s all! In a few seconds you have your agenda ready to visit what you are really interested in.

You can get information about the activities (explanation, GPS assisted location, fares…) as well as remove or add new ones to your trip.

After each activity you can give feedback to Triporg and it will learn about your personal preferences. Next time you use it to visit the same or another city the recommendations will match your tastes in a more accurate way.

Why Triporg?

Triporg is fast and easy way to plan your journeys. It finds out the entire available cultural and leisure offer in the cities you visit. Triporg is a personal travel-guide in your Smartphone, tablet or e-book that you can also print. Focus on enjoying your trip and let the hard work to Triporg.


Currently, there are 83 different destinations available and the number of them keeps growing. You can choose among the 63 of the most touristic Spanish cities such as, Granada, Bilbao, Madrid or Barcelona. Or one of the 19 international touristic destinations: Paris, Rome, Prague… Remember you can also vote for the next cities to be included!

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Triporg is available in:


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