Kerala State Electricity Board – KSEB is one of the best power utilities in India and the driving force behind development of the state of Kerala. The main function of KSEB is transmission and distribution of electricity. They provide quality electricity at affordable cost to all classes of consumers in the state of Kerala. Nowadays there is severe power cuts in the state Of Kerala. The cost of electricity has also increased to a considerable rate. Inorder to save the high electricity costs and preserve some energy for your future generation, you should pay little more attention when you waste electricity. Here are some tips given by KSEB for saving electricity given below:

    • Always use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of traditional bulbs. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) produce light through an entirely different mechanism when compared to traditional bulbs. The fluorescent gas inside the bulb produces ultraviolet light when electrified, and the lamp’s coating converts the ultraviolet light into visible light, therefore it’s more energy efficient. Opting for LED lamps is also good for saving electricity.

  • Always buy energy star labeled products, it’s because these products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Saving energy not only helps you to save money but also protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change. For instance if you buy an energy star bulb then you can save upto $6 a year in electricity costs and  $40 over its lifetime.
  • It’s better to sun dry your clothes rather than using the dryer option in your washing machine. If you are using the dryer, then it means your washing machine has to work for more time and use double power  in order to dry all your clothes well. Apart from saving energy it’s also a hygienic option.
  • Always use wiring that meets quality standards for your home. It not only protects you from accidents, but also prevents leakage of electricity. It’s very necessary to make sure that all the  wires installed in the nooks and corners are of standard quality.
  • Always go for natural lighting if its possible for you especially during day time. Drapes or curtains on windows & doors are to be drawn apart during day time, for natural light to reduce need for electrical lights inside the home. It will even  provide you some fresh air and personal energy as well. Nowadays there is a trend for making homes that can utilize maximum natural lighting. Not only homes, there are companies  who have improved the day lighting conditions in their buildings.
  • Always use your air conditioners in normal mode. If you opt for other modes then it may consume more power.  As AC is one of the most power consuming appliance, you can use it only when you can’t bear the heat.
  • Keep the temperature of your water heater to 120 Fahrenheit always. You can reduce your hot water usage for saving electricity. If you pay little attention in usage then you can really make a great difference.
  • Try to avoid opening your refrigerator frequently, by doing so you are saving up to 20 % of electricity. It’s better to opt for double and triple door refrigerators.
  • Don’t keep your computers in standby mode when you are not using it, you can turn it off instead. You never know when you will return to work so if you turn it off then you are saving energy.
  • You need  to turn off and unplug all electrical appliances when you are not using it. For instance if you have unplugged your phone from charging but still if the adapter is  plugged on then it can lead to wastage of power. Therefore make sure to unplug it when not in use.

  • Instead of using iron box everyday, you can set apart a day in a week for ironing all your clothes. By doing so you are saving both your time and energy. Taking clothes randomly and ironing it everyday will make your meter run like anything therefore it’s better to keep a day separate for ironing purpose.

  • Make sure that you are manually defrosting your refrigerator atleast once in a week.  Defrosting frozen foods  will automatically help your  refrigerator to work less hard and helps to save more  energy.
  • You need to make sure that you are always working on your washing machines with full load. You can set apart a day or twice to wash the whole set of clothes. It will save energy rather than  using it everyday for washing a few set of clothes. You can plan your load well and make it full before you switch on the machine.
  • You can use task lighting.  This kind of lighting focuses on specific areas, say your book, unlike lamps which spill light all over the room. A good example for task lighting is a table lamp that provides enough lighting for the entire room.


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