Weird of seeing chat result while you search particular content in your gmail ? Here is a solution for it. You can exclude any folder using a string append to the search string, “-label:folder name”. For example you need to exclude chat conversation by simply adding the string “-label:chat” with search string. Below figures demonstrate it.

without label

Without applying the label criteria.

with label

With label criteria. You can see that chat conversation is excluded from the search result. Like wise you can exclude any labels. If you have a label “forwards”, and that need to be exclude while searching do add a string ” -label:forwards” along with the search string.

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3 comments on “Exclude gmail chat conversation from search result

  1. PERFECT 🙂
    Like it buddy. 😀
    These are the logic tips that I want to know about google implented stuffs, gmail is one.
    Tried and is working good. 🙂

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  3. Quitty on said:

    I am not aware of such wonderful tricks in gmail.
    Thanks for you tips…

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