Facebook has recently announced a partnership with Goldbely, America’s  famous gourmet food purveyors. Hereafter Facebook will act like a great platform that brings all the tastiest food from the nation. Goldbely, the Y Combinator-backed startup is actively taking part in a mission to explore the  legendary local restaurants, amazing artisans and the finest gourmet food providers. Through Facebook  now you can enjoy great food with your family and friends. This online marketplace gives you a chance to order your favorite delicacy and get it shipped to your doorstep. 

For instance if you are looking for the legendary Kreuz Sausage, then it will be delivered to you directly from the Kreuz market. Kansas City is known for it’s  Jack Stack barbecue especially the one made with  pork spare ribs and pork burnt ends, you can order this dish directly from facebook now,what more you need?. All the items will be processed and shipped as early as possible which is the main attraction of this partnership.

On Goldbely, all the food that you order are  shipped to you right from the place of supply. In some For some food, the shipping charges are free whereas some special ones requires some shipping and handling fee. 

The best part is that the  selection of the site is hand-curated by the Goldbely staff, therefore you have assurance that you are ordering tasty food everytime. Soon after the launch of the service there has been an attractive sales rate of $100,000.

It will attract curious eaters all across the globe. You can give surprise for your dear ones on special occasions, they will be super-excited. You will fell in love with the authentic aroma and flavor of the cuisine provided through this service.  
It will definitely bring back all nostalgic moments and memories of your past. You will fell in love the new tasting experience of Goldbely in a short span of time. Now make your special days memorable with awesome food that you will get nowhere in the town.

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