The most discussed and happening social media site, Facebook launches once again its milestone this new morning! The long awaited press meeting conducted at Menlo Park, California witnessed the Facebook hoodie, CEO and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg introducing the latest feature, Graph Search !Facebook Graph Search Beta Launches

Highly advanced search engine of Facebook which is quite different from the already existing web search engine. This search engine in beta at present, provides you with results of your search based on your importance. Have you at least once gone through your close friend’s activities through the shares, posts, images the person has made? Graph search will  make the ranking accordingly such that it provides you with the favorite person’s interest with your search.

So what is basically Graph Search – Zuckerberg!

  • Prioritize the results such that it ranks with persons you interact with on Facebook the most.
  • Ranks photos, images, shares of important persons based on the maximum number of likes.
  • You can search a restaurant to see if its ranked in the person’s search list or search the most checked-in restaurants by your friends.
  • You can also search based on the city, area, and Graph Search gets you “front loaded” the list as mentioned by Zuckerberg. This could help you enjoy cuisines, drinks as you travel past the areas.
  • Friends activities are much peeped in things you wish to know. You can search ” Friends who live in California” or once you type “Friends Who” search drop down comes with many options.
  • If you play a game or like a movie, you can check the mutual liking or correlations by looking  ” My friends who like Game Of Thrones or Star Wars” or ” My friends who like A Walk To Remember or Harry Potter.”
  • For example, if you want to search the profile of a person whom you have just met in an event you can search the posts or status of mutual friends who also have attended the event.
  • Helps you get information based search. You can check into favorite “TV shows”, “happening at current city”, “events organized by software engineers.”Facebook Graph Search Beta Launches

 Does Graph Search offer privacy?

It is fully privacy guaranteed search engine. Shares up only those information shared between users and also you can lock off the content which shouldn’t be shared, pointed by Zuckerberg. If a photo is shown only between friends, Graph Search will not display it to non-friends.

Facebook will soon roll out the service full by putting an alert on the search page which helps you see what’s public on the page. Also Instagram data will be soon rolled out in Graph Search.

Facebook joined hands with Microsoft for the web search. So if in case Graph search fall back on search it gives the task to Microsoft with Bing search will bring up matched results like on music, weather updates, etc. Facebook is also happy to work with Google as long as the privacy of the users are not compromised said by Zuckerberg.

From now you can click on to the Facebook’s new web search engine, Graph Search at the log in page itself!

Facebook Graph Search Beta Launches

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