Facebook Messenger App Adding Free Voice Calls Options To iPhone UsersFacebook is on its new innovative work on its Messenger app! Yes, an exciting news for all Messenger App Facebook users. Facebook is trying to launch free voice call feature on Messenger app to connect with friends through free voice calls. This could make this social networking feature, Messenger app to be used by millions.

This feature is tested on Canadian iPhone users earlier during the month of January by allowing the users to make free calls via Wi-Fi or data connection. At present, only Canadian iPhone users were allowed to make free voice calls, VoIP to any Facebook friend. Messenger app indeed brought to light rivals Google GOOG and Microsoft MSFT against Facebook. Both Google and Microsoft use their own VoIP services and Facebook will soon bring out this feature in full roll out form to all U.S. iPhone users.

This new feature got into form as the Messenger app rolled out its innovative technology of allowing the users to record and send voice-mail messages to Facebook friends around. In this new feature you can make a free call by first choosing the required friend’s name on the app, then tap “i” button and select the “Make free call” option. This feature is currently on test on the Canadian soil.

Facebook Messenger App Adding Free Voice Calls Options To iPhone UsersThough Facebook doesn’t charge the users for the free call option, it is technically not free under technical reasons as it uses data from the users current mobile plan. But the move to VoIP and voice messaging is seen a great step taken by Facebook on default mobile operated calling using smartphones.

The ‘Daily Mail’ reports that the experts are saying this giant social network is now dominating the entire social world through this default free call option via smartphones. Also, the TechCrunch writer Josh Constine says, the addition of this feature to the app makes it more of a complete app and soon expecting the video messaging feature too.

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