Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook home today. This is a mobile phone software based on the android operating system made in partnership with HTC. It redfines the existence of facebook exists on android phones. Zuckerberg says that with this phone they are putting people first instead of apps. Facebook Home is a family of apps. “We’re not building a phone and we’re not building an operating system but we’re build much more than an app.”

This phone comes with a live flipboard interface that will give you updates from the social network right on your home screen and lockscreen via a feature called Cover Feed. Your entire screen will show a display of Facebook with no navigation or “chrome”. Cover feed will fill your screen with what your friends are sharing right now at the moment whether it’s photos, status updates etc. Facebook Home gives more importance to chat heads that combines both SMS and Facebook messages.

The best part is that it will let you know if someone is available to be contacted and this phone is also cheaper when compared to other smartphones. These phones also have a better sound quality as it offers a Voice over IP or VoIP-based service, when you speak over this phone you can get a crystal clear audio.

You can get access to the apps through a launcher that appears when you swipe.

Over the past few weeks all tech freaks had a question in mind for which target group this phone is meant for, yesterday Facebook has given the appropriate for the question. This phone is for the carefree people who don’t require a complete, rich experience on the Internet, but love Facebook. You can jump in and out of conversations when you are engaged in some activity like watching videos or browsing the web. You can drag chat heads where you want them.

Facebook Home will be available on HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 from 12 April. Facebook Home is a great way to connect with your friends and family any time of the day wherever you are. For millions of people, Facebook is just like the Internet, Home will give a great experience for them.

So don’t wait for long, you can get the free download of Facebook Home on April 12 or pre-order the HTC First.

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