Facebook, the giant leap in social networking turned nine just few days ago and with no doubt keeping its pace through technology by pulling people into this mania. There is no other social site even as a rival for Facebook keeping the members occupied around the clock with its stunning apps, games, entertainment and what not!!Facebook Trying On Its New Emotions Status Composer

In this ninth year Facebook has drastically changed in its appearances, there is no more wall for the users which is replaced by the Time line feature which brings more fun around. The timely and frequent modifications by the Facebook team keeps the happening site to move forward. Dawn of this year 2013, Facebook announced the social media tool Graph Search  for the users to keep closely connected through photos, likes, locations, etc. Now you know what Facebook team wants the site to be more expressive through a pack of visual treats!! Getting confused?

Yeah, Facebook is reported to bring an array of emotions while updating status. Its on its process of testing the new Status Composer which would enable the users to upload emotions or “what doing at present”, like eating, reading, watching and any creative news.

Here you can select any of your emotion or text or media and post up your status. For example: “Capturing the beauty of naturefeeling ecstatic :) .“

Facebook Trying On Its New Emotions Status ComposerOn behalf of testing this new feature, Facebook promotes this visual treat with some of the users on the site as well on phones. It helps users to share up things more frequently than uploading a text status hence making more user friendly experience. The same time you opt feelings to the status bar, you can also pick any of the pre-made options like coffee, icecream, cuisines, 50 Shades Of Grey, etc.

The main thought behind this new Status Composer is that Facebook could stand against many other visual emotional or smiley kind apps which people around the world use instantaneously. By updating visual symbols via status updates, Facebook could retrieve the structure data of its users. This feature in turn could be a great benefit for those advertisers around as they could connect to those who are interested in restaurants, music, clothing, media, etc. Hence advertisers can target you based on the specific activity in a selected category like Spotify, etc.

So we could watch with much anticipation to what Mark Zuckerberg reported as “this year Facebook users would see many elements out to keep the social site much entertaining.”

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