Fairphone is the first phone in the history of smartphones which is completely ethical. This phone looks just like an android-powered touch-screen smartphone but has a better concern for environment and people. These devices are built by people in the best possible working conditions, devices that protect rather than impact the environment and that can be completely recycled.

In your busy life where you have your own problems, you won’t even think about how your phone has been made. Most often the resources  that are used to make  a smartphone are obtained from war torn areas of the world. All these phones are made in miserable conditions in nations who doesn’t have fair labor laws. Fairphone is a complete exception to this, now you can use a phone by showing justice to your inner self.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)  guarantees that the minerals used or making these phones don’t fund illegal armed forces. The phone is made from conflict-free tin from mines located in the South Kivu province. The conflict-free tantalum is also obtained from Mai Baridi, Kisengo, and Luba mines, located in the northern part of the Katanga province. It has increased the employment opportunities for small-scale miners, and greatly provides  regional stability.

Fairphone is now opening up pre-orders to the general public, beginning with customers in Europe. This phone is priced at €325 ($436). This phone need to achieve a target of 5,000 orders  before it can start it’s manufacturing. The handset can be ordered directly from the Fairphone site. If the company hits its target, the finished phones will be shipped by autumn.

Initially  Fairphone had just opened sales only to the 16,000 people who signed up by expressing their interest when it initially announced the project, giving them an opportunity to give the  pre-order first. However the percentage of people were willing to invest money on such a device and the initial funding was  really low, so the company prompted the expansion of its sales to anyone in Europe who wish to contribute.

This 4.3-inch smartphone runs  the latest Android 4.2 version and is powered by a quad core processor. It features an 8 megapixel rear camera, and a 1.3 megapixel front facing shooter. It also comes with dual-SIM trays for easy carrier switching and international travel. Fairphone comes with batteries that are removable and replaceable.

Fairphone  has so far managed to sell around 2,333 phones through pre-orders, with 20 days left in its campaign.

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