Features Of BlackBerry Q10 BlackBerry proudly introduces its sexy BlackBerry QWERTY 10,  merging with its novel brand, BlackBerry 10 which is out into the mobile storm last week. BlackBerry 10 introduces stunning features and reviews the best in the web browsers when compared with ever hyped iOS, Android or Windows 8! Doesn’t that look much slithering and exciting?

The long awaited BlackBerry 10 merges its new technology to bring out the physical iconic feature BlackBerry Q10 adding a boost to the first released reviews on BlackBerry 10.

The giant device is build with mind boggling features and here gives away the users a new experience with the QWERTY 10 key feature.

Are you a QWERTY maniac? If so, with no doubt you would fall in love with this stylish device.

Features Of BlackBerry Q10 Typing becomes much fast, accurate and cool on this premium finished product. The touchscreen display looks great on this BlackBerry Q10 device giving your eyes and fingers a relaxed feel throughout. The screen becomes very familiar as it displays all information elegantly on it and it is much easy to respond to it via the Q10 software.

The physical q10 keyboard of BlackBerry is featured with most significant and unique material which is stronger, thinner and lighter than plastic. Also BlackBerry Q10 displays off its design embedded with an all glass back plate. Wanna have a look at the Q10 keyboard of BlackBerry 10?

BlackBerry Q10 boasts of a cool yet hardcore hardware keyboard powered by detailed mobile components. BlackBerry taking the typing comfort into higher consideration, offers soft touching experience on the Q10’s surface. Other than the Q10, the features which brings BlackBerry Q10 more into the spotlight are the high speed efficiency of TimeShift feature of the camera and its bigger 2,100mAh battery.

If you wanna take a more closer walk with this BlackBerry Q10, do check these videos out!!

Do feedback us with your experience on Q10 if got to own this premium device!

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