Sentinel, the smart phone application is generated for all of us who want to take care of each other. Personal security is very important in our country where we frequently get alerts on dangerous situations. This non obtrusive, feature rich app which runs on iPhone and Android, helps to report crimes like robberies, home  invasions, medical emergencies, accidents, sexual assaults or any uncomfortable cases within no time. It can be used in corporates, campuses or within our family to have total security.

Sentinel 3.0 Supporting Devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note series, S III

  • Sony Xperia S, ION, SL, TX, T

  • HTC One X, One X+

  • Motorola DROID RAZR, Motorola MB886

  • Micromax Canvas A116

  • Google Galaxy Nexus

  • Lenovo S920I finally picked up my first smart phone. I am now mobile! I got the Droid 2 and really love it. It's got the full qwerty keyboard which I find great for how I like to use my phones.

Sentinel  can generate automated alerts with last location, travel route and track information to more than one person in the form of direct calls, SMS and e-mail and send from internet server to ensure  safety of person. No matter whether the person is connected to the Internet or not, alerts are send.  Surprisingly, Sentinel works even in emergency situations without manual generation of alert signals, like when an attacker forcefully destroys the mobile phone.

Sentinel alerts people in the following situations:

  • When pressing a button.

  • Switching off the phone without logging out from Sentinel.

  • In out of coverage areas.

  • Low battery conditions.

  • Forceful destruction of phone.

The Main Features:

The user can make phone calls to friends or family members from the emergency contact list to enable quick action and can also send SMS with location URL to get the live location information. Another significant feature to make note is Sentinal’s live tracking, which is done via Website or E-mails to track the exact location and pin it on the map.

When we are in  a trouble, we need the help of others as quickly as possible irrespective of which gender we are. If there is an app like this to accurately monitor our current status by many of our loved ones, then why can’t we leave our fear and worries? So, lets get out and explore the world with no fear, along with our smart app.

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