The much popular content application ‘Google Reader’ is officially shutting down on July 1st, 2013. This is a disappointing news for all diehard fans of this RSS aggregator. Google says that this service is put off because the usage has been declined and as a company they are pouring all of their energy into fewer products.”

Google Reader does allow you to subscribe feeds so that you can check them everytime for updates. Therefore instead of visiting ten websites and checking them individually, you can log into Google Reader, it will gives you a detailed view of websites that have updated. By doing so you can find out new content, read it or save it.

After hearing this sad news many people who were depending mainly on Google Reader are wondering if they can find some alternatives for this RSS aggregator. Luckily there are many options that can satisfy everyone when time passes. Here are a few examples of popular trending Reader alternatives given below:


Feedly is the RSS reader app that’s becoming popular with almost 500,000 new users signing up everyday after hearing the retirement news of Google reader. This option works like a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari for desktop and even as an iOS and Android app. Feedly allows you to read all your feeds in the form of a magazine-type view. The sharing features of this application are also truly outstanding. Currently Feedly is working on a project known to be Normandy which actually uses Google Reader in its backend. It means that when you log into Feedly today, it will automatically save all your Google Reader feeds so that you can use it for future.


NewsBlur is a good web and mobile service almost same like Google Reader. By using this application you can subscribe to RSS feeds, you can even customize and and share it. The unique feature if NewsBlur is that it can combine RSS feeds and headers with actual websites. For instance you can quickly surf through the headlines of I am a techie site from within the NewsBlur site.
With the help of this you can find your favorite websites and blogs. There is even an option for customizing the user interface with numerous view options, you can drag and drop widgets as well. It is available as both desktop and mobile application.

When all these alternatives are available, there is still a ray of hope for all who are going to miss Google Reader very soon.

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