There are many translation applications for your mobile phones these days that you may find really helpful when you are travelling to a place with unfamiliar language. Though English is a universal language, still you may have to speak in the local dialect for finding out information and handling bargain deals. You can install these application on your smartphones, some comes even free of cost. Here are few examples given below:


By using this application you don’t have to take pain in  learning  a completely new language. All you need is to take a picture of your mouth, choose a male or female voice, and select from 400 phrases. The mouth on the phone  will move and speak the words that you have selected. You can hold it towards your mouth and nobody will notice that you are faking up the voice. . The app is available for French, German and Arabic languages.

Google Translate

This app has a database of around  64 languages all around the world. It even give you access to dictionaries and spoken translations for about 30 languages. You can talk into the mic of your phone and it will give you the correct translation.It is a free application, that’s the best part about it.

SlavoEd Dictionaries

You can’t just download a whole dictionary in your phone, however with the help of this one application you can refer both the written and audio pronunciation of most of the languages. There are also many learning tools like “Word of the Day” and “Flash Cards.


This application is a speech translator that  focuses on conversations and are available in 9 different pairs of languages with a vocabulary of more than 40,000 words. You don’t require any Internet connection to get access to it. When you speak in one language and it speaks back in another language which is really awesome.

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