Last day my Windows Vista got crashed, So I restored my laptop to factory setting. After the restoring my operating system I installed all my useful applications. Soon after the installation I opened firefox browser but then I got an error saying.

“Firefox could not install this item because of a failure in Chrome Registration. Please contact the author about this problem”

And the solution

Just run the firefox in Administrator mode.

How to run firefox in Administrator mode?

Just right click the firefox icon you can see a menu item called “Run as Administrator”. Just click the menu for a single time. You don’t need to worry that you have to do this each and every time. No there is no need once you run firefox in Administrator mode, the error will not pop up next time even if you run firefox from a normal user.

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4 comments on “Firefox could not install this item because of a failure in Chrome Registration. Please contact the author about this problem

  1. zingOne4me on said:

    Steps to Fix FireFox “Chrome Registration” Error
    (The Nuclear Option – THIS *REALLY* WORKS!!!)

    1. Download/install Opera or make sure that you have Windows IE available before doing this because we are going to completely remove Mozilla FireFox and Reinstall it and you will need another functional browser while Firefox is gone.

    2. Download CCleaner here:

    3. Install CCleaner

    4. Close Firefox

    5. Open CCleaner
    6. In CCleaner Navigate to “Tools”

    7. In “Tools” navigate to “Uninstall” and uninstall Mozilla Firefox

    8. REMOVE OLD DLLs: In CCleaner navigate to “Registry” and click “Scan for issues”

    9. When scan is done, click “Fix selected issues”

    10. Navigate to Microsoft “Start” button in lower-left of screen

    11. Select “Computer” > “C:drive” > “Program Files”

    12. In “Program Files” find the folder named “Mozilla Firefox”

    13. Right-click and remove “Mozilla Firefox”

    14. Navigate to your “Recycle Bin” and empty it

    15. Shut down and restart your PC

    16. Select “Computer” > “C:drive” > “Program Files” and make *SURE* that the “Mozilla Firefox” folder is not there. If it is, repeat previous steps…

    17. Open Windows IE or Opera, google “Download Firefox” and reinstall it. (Here’s the link:

  2. Jonnathan on said:

    Thanks a lot, it works!

  3. Thanks a lot, it works, and solved my problem.

  4. Bedlams Playground on said:

    zingOne4me you are amazing, I bow to you!! You had the right answer and I want the world to know it! The instructions you gave were easy to follow and they worked. So anyone have this problem, just follow zingOne4me’s instructions and you will be happy again.
    Thanks my friend.

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