First Android Powered Camera - Nikon's Coolpix S800cNot just smartphones and tablet computers, Android comes to be the preferred Operating System for cameras as well with Nikon Coolpix, the world’s first Android powered camera. Now to all who looked at Android as just a phones OS, its time to change on it. Nikon brought in Coolpix S800c that makes use of the Android 2.3, not just that but the device harness most of the Android benefits including the Google Play. Let’s you download any and every camera application you can find over there and do amazing with your device.

So the device runs on the “phone OS”, but the back of the camera looks even like a phone. The prominent 3.5 inch OLCD WVGA screen and the clear cut design and casing it holds just looks like a phone with a powerful camera, and the camera it holds is powerful indeed.

Now let’s take the best look on the device here, Coolpix S800c comes with a 16MP CMOS sensor, built in flash, 10x zoom lens ranging from 25-250mm. Shoot up to 8 frames a second, comes with a host of effects and filters, lets you do 1080p video backed with stereo sound. 4GB internal storage finds space for your photo sharing and other applications, now when you want to transfer your files, that too is made easy, Coolpix S800c can make its own network and tether with your phones! We are waiting on the chance to see how an Android goes within a camera, yeah and how the battery thing it handles here, let’s have it accessed soon as it hits the stores in black and white attires next month.

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