Saving electricity is a great responsibility as it’s not only you wealth, your future generation too need it. If you save electricity then it will not only cut down your bills but also help you to deal with the rise of power cuts, one of the main problems that our country faces today.

In the current scenario, our country needs to cut energy use by 10% forcefully for the welfare for the people. It’s very vital to conserve natural resources like water and coal to prevent global warming. If you are compromising little now then you don’t have to regret in future. All the citizens of the nation should work together to solve this power shortage issue.

Here are some tips that help you to save electricity given below:

    • Switch off all the electrical appliances like television, fan, light, stereo and other entertainment devices when you leave a room. Never keep your laptop or PC on standby or sleep mode when you’re not using it for atleast one hour. You can switch off and unplug these devices when not in use. This prevents wastage of energy.

    • Instead of using the dryer option in washing machines, you can always go for natural drying. Instead of using the washing machine everyday to wash just few clothes, you can wash clothes in bulk every alternate day or once in a week. You can also minimize the use of hot water for washing clothes as well.

  • Lighting constitutes almost 17% – 20% of the electricity bill. For reducing the power consumption you can replace all the traditional tungsten bulbs with compact-florescent lamps (CFLs).  They use 75% less energy and last longer than tungsten bulbs. They also provide the same amount of lighting.
  • Keep a control over the use of the AC and use it only when you feel really hot. Instead of AC, you can depend on fans as they consume less electricity. A great way by which you can save energy is by setting your AC at the lowest temperature at night and set the auto timer to 1 or 2 hours after your switch on the AC. Make sure to close all the doors and windows to avoid excessive air leakage. By doing so your room will be cool enough for five to six hours till the time you get up.

  • You need to replace old refrigerator models with latest energy efficient ones. You can clean your refrigerator at least once in a month. If you are doing so then it will improve its efficiency. Make sure to clean your refrigerators back as it’s the place where all the dirt and dust get accumulated.

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