Fleksy is an innovative technology that makes your typing experience on touch screens easier. The best part about it is that you can work even without looking on to the screen. This technology has been very helpful for many blind and visually challenged people. Visually challenged users can even  message, email and tweet directly from flesky.

It’ slowly changing the attitude of people towards the hassles of touchscreen. It sia an application that is designed for ipad and iphone. All you need is to tap on the screen that has a familiar keyboard layout. You don’t have to choose accurate words, by simply tapping itself, the flesky will automatically detect the word that you wish to type correctly.

Though there has been an significant increase in the  number of smartphone users over the past few years, still many users rated the typing experience as not too easy. It will take some time for them to get used to the typing experience. Most of the users prefer entering text on a QWERTY layout.

Frustrations with typing on a touch-screen have wide implications to the application of mobile computing. Because of this reason it’s not used for content creation and other related businesses.

Flesky is really worthy for the price that you pay for, $14 is not too high for the  improved typing experience that you get. Now you won’t sound wrong when you type text messages faster and the person on the other end who receive the message won’t have to keep on guessing what’s the word that you meant. You can easily down it from  Apple App Store.

You can tap each letter and then swipe right for space. For changing the suggestion you can swipe down. For adding punctuation you can swipe  right again after a space.You can even type custom words like names with the help of this application.

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