For the first time in history, a thief has really turned out to be a savior for all. Valentin Boanta aged 33, a former thief during his five year sentence in jail has developed a technology that would safeguard ATMs getting inspiration from the thefts which he used to participate.Boanta was caught in the year 2009. He used to offer thieves with skimmers which they used for gathering information in order to create fake bank cards and then steal cash from ATMs. Skimming is the act of copying a credit or debit card by scanning the magnetic strip on the card’s back. Thieves then use these cloned cards to withdraw money from the cardholder’s bank account at an ATM. “When I got caught, I became happy,” Boanta told Reuters. “This liberation opened the way to working for the good side.”

Boanta supplied a criminal gang in Romania with some gadgets that hid any proof of iniquity and created the cloned cards look almost same like the originals. Romania is a country known for it’s frequent security thefts, scams and malware. The country has become more like a haven for hackers right after China.

Boanta’s invention called Secure Revolving System can stop skimming happening in the first place. Here the users will insert their card into the SRS long edge first, instead of the narrow end. That way, any attached skimmer or other surveillance gadget would be unable to scan the card’s magnetic strip. When the card is safely kept inside the ATM, the device rotates it, reads it and spits it back out via the long edge first.

However it will take a lot of time to install Secure Revolving System as most of the cuurent ATM’s hardware can’t support this modern digital theft technology. Boanta developed SRS from his cell which he shares with five other burglars in Romania. His cell has a shelf full of books and technical manuals. He made this invention just after six months of his sentence.

Boanta’s research is funded by Romanian tech firm MB Telecom, that has patented the SRS. They are working hard for making it available soon. An exact release date has not yet been announced. MB Telecom President Mircea Tudor also told Reuters that Boanta would be definitely provided a job with the company as soon as the reformed thief gets out of prison in four and a half years. This technology will definitely cut down the ATM  theft rates in the near future .

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