Fotopedia Reporter is an app which is created by five former Apple employees. Using this app, you can showcase your photojournalist skills to the whole world. You can unleash your creativity in the best possible manner to create some unique photo stories and sky is the only limit for your wild imagination.You can capture the beauty of monsoons or make a story out of something which may fascinates you in local streets.

Fotopedia features a multitude  of text and image cover options for thousands of topics related to travel, culture, wildlife, art, cuisine, fashion lifestyle and more. You can see them and all make a story out of it, that’s what Fotopedia promises.  You can make many little mini magazines with the help of this app. All the stories will be dominated by numerous images and very little text.

You can create a free account in Fotopedia and create some photostories and publish it. You can even favorite some stories and follow photographers, like, bookmark, share, and comment on the stories  and rate them according to stars. Another unique feature of this app is that you can just tap to pull up a maps view of the places featured in stories.  You can create stories with  just 10 to 20 pictures in them not more than that.

If you wish to collaborate your story with your friends, then you can do that by just selecting the  Share Draft option. However if you’re already satisfied with your creation, then just hit the ‘Publish Story’ to post it on Fotopedia Reporter. You can also tap Send Story’s URL to send a link to your story via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

According to Jean Marie Hullot, this app has already racked up 300,000 downloads, with a user base that is coming back every single day. Over 20 percent of the user base are creators as opposed to readers only, which is a solid figure. This app has only been available for a couple of months and has already surpassed 100,000 stories on the platform.

The Fotopedia Reporter app got updated to a  version 1.1 today. This helps the  users to deal with the overly stuffed content in the app. Feature additions include a “My Feed” section, which allows you to curate  stories based on your  interest, the ability to create your own aggregated magazine from your interest, and subscribe to personal magazines. Reporter is also joining hands with Flickr so that the users can pull in their own images for magazines. What makes it more interesting is that this app comes free of cost, it’s a must have app for every iPad user. Download this app here

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