These days even toddlers are familiar with the latest technologies, there are many smartphone  applications to keep them occupied. If you are busy with some work then you can keep them engaged, they won’t move from that place as these applications  holds them for hours. Apart from that these applications even provide them meaningful learning experience.

Cinderella – Nosy Crow Animated Picture Book

This application renders the classic fairy tales in an interesting way for the kids.   They can help the characters inside the book. The sounds are also really awesome and the best part is that even your kid’s image will appear inside the  mirrors hanging on the wall. They can tap the characters so that they may talk to the kids. The kids will be amazed hearing their favorite story in a different way.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

This is an interactive musical story based on a popular story. Your kid may find it very interesting as it enables them to navigate from scene to scene using the touch facility. They will learn more about nature with the help of this game.

Hogworld: Gnarts Adventure

Your kid will definitely love this interactive book app combined with  an animated movie-like experience. They will love the adventures of Gnart and Bibi with attractive 3D visuals, an awesome soundtrack and lovely interactions. They will explore another world through this application.
This is a mix and match game that allows your kid to swap heads, torsos, legs and feet. When they see the funny combination characters that they made, they will burst out in laughter. The  sounds and backgrounds are really awesome. It will even make your kids more creative along with their laughter.

Sentence Builder

Kids will love to make sentences when the application is very interactive and they get scores for it. It will help them to build correct sentences after seeing a picture and using the correct words to describe it.

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