Nowadays there are many cool applications available in smartphones so that you can check weather both before and when you travel. These applications are available for Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry platforms. These applications are not just good for reference but in certain instances they are even life saving. Some cool weather application recommendations for you are given below:


This weather application has a stylish user interface. The best part about is that you can share weather data updates with your family and friends via email, Google+, Facebook, Twitter as well. You can save around ten favorite locations inorder to get updates of weather with a short description.


Winter Wake-Up

What if all of a sudden you discover a thick layer of snow frost on your car when you are all set to leave to your office? This application will help you to wake up early to clean the surface by setting up an automatic alarm alert the previous night. It will save your time and you can reach your destination on time.

Go Weather EX

Go Weather EX team is a cool weather application that gives weather updates of thousands of cities all across the globe 24 x 7. It even clearly shows the wind speed readings of different places. This application even has a good theme customization options.

Android Weather

This is an application that gives you a four day forecast updates of current temperature, weather conditions, humidity, wind, and other information. in addition to a four-day forecast. You can set it according to your GPS data or find out the forecasts of different cities all across the globe. It even comes with many appealing widgets for your home screen.

Snowday  Calculator

This is an application that will predict the chances for a snowy day. You will get weather updates according to zip codes. You can prepare well in advance and take all prevention to avoid all tensions when you go out in the morning.

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