Though most of the people know well about the harmful effects of smoking, it still becomes an addiction for them and they don’t know how to come out of this problem. In this era of smartphones, there are some apps available in your phone that may help you in making it possible. These apps may guide you step by step, you can make an attempt to get rid of it as soon as possible with the help of it. Here are a few iPhone apps that are available free of cost to quit your smoking habit given below:

 Since iQuit

 Since iQuit is an iPhone app that helps you to  keep track of the time that you stopped smoking. It gives you an estimate of the money that you saved after quitting smoking. You can enter the date and time that  you quit smoking, how many cigarettes you smoked daily and how much it cost you. You will get to know exactly how long it has been since you are free from the habit, in years, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. You will feel really wonderful when you look at how you have benefited. 


iQuit is an app that believes in the policy’ slow and steady wins the race’. It’s not possible for you to quit your smoking habit all of a sudden. This application uses a slow approach. It tells you when you can go and have a puff, slowly increasing the time between cigarettes and a goal. When you load the app up for the first time, you can record your habit stats, how many cigarettes you smoke and how much it costs you. By this way you can quit your smoking habit gradually.


Using NoSmokingLife app you can record how many cigarettes  you smoke in a day, and how much that pack will cost you. It will then help you to calculate how much money you save and how long you have extended your lifespan. You can set a target so that you when you achieve it you can reward yourself.

GottaKickIt Now

GottaKickIt Now is a timer application that slowly increases the time between cigarettes and make you smoke-free.  The timer resets itself automatically and you don’t have to reset it every time you have a smoke. There is even a bell alarm that  gives you reminders, you can turn it off when you don’t find it with  a reminder, you can slowly get rid of your smoking habit.

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