Get Live Train Information for Indian Railways with Rail RadarFollow the train rail and see where the train halts and hoots!!  Does it sound something to get excited? Yeah The Centre for Railway Information Systems CRIS with Information Technology the right hand of Indian Railways  joined together and launched a live package Rail Radar, beginning of October for the people to keep in track of the train movement!

Sunil Bajpai, Manager of CRIS, claimed Rail Radar as widely broadcasting information about all the active trains which moves across the country and you could easily point out where your train is at the given time!!

Manish Rathi, Co-founder of, an initial pack to provide train running time told that this tool was under the evolving process on a longer time and was launched with the aim at meeting the needs of the passengers with accurate information of a specific train.

Indian Railways which is one among the most outstanding services of the country patches with Google Maps and now looking forward to come up with GPS train tracking on the wide network to make this software just the best one!

CRIS on its way to install GPS service to about 10,ooo trains! Bajpai sasid, GPS installation was done in about 360 train services in Chennai and it was success. So he added the coming year the results should be showing around 10,000 trains with GPS facility! In the near future all Indian trains will run on GPS! Does it sound exciting and cool?
The tool is quite user friendly and indeed self explanatory for any non-skilled person. Using this tool you need to enter your train number and it will automatically show you where your train currently is including the last station it left with the timing. You can also track the number of stations it will halt, whether its delay or running on right time, route it is taking, current update, etc.

Look I did a quick search using this Rail Radar for train 16345 Mumbai LTT -TRIVANDRUM CN Netravati Exp. It showed last update ERNAKULAM Jn. and next halt is SHERTALAI and it runs 5 mins late. You can check this screenshot I took for tracking the Netravati Exp!

Get Live Train Information for Indian Railways with Rail Radar

So next time if you wanna get the accurate train running time do log in to Rail Radar!

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