Lots of people misuse invisible feature inorder to even avoid individuals. I wrote an article about yahoo invisible hack some time back which created lots of response among my readers. This time I am going to explain about gmail invisible bug that can be exploited from “off the record feature“. Below are the steps involved, but there are some limitation.


Step 1. 

Set the target user as off the record while he/she is online. This can be done by simply clicking on the option in the chat window. 


Step 2. 

Try sending an IM when he/she is invisible or offline. 

If he/she is invisible he/she will receive message. If he/she is offline you will receive an error “did not receive your chat”.

This hack will only work if you mark the target user as off record when he/she is online. It is a limitation.

How does it work?

When the chat is off the record, it will no longer stored in the gmail account. 

When you send IM to an invisible / offline user it will be delivered by default. At the receiving end the IM will receive as a pop in form of chat window if the user is invisible. If the user is offline it will receive as an email in the inbox. 

The main problem with this hack is if the target user is using another email client or desktop version.

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14 comments on “How to check someone is invisible in gmail?

  1. Hmmmm i see, so this is the trick. But its sad that chat is not being saved.

  2. i have a site to look out invisible users the site is http://www.invisible.ir

  3. Just trick not tools…

  4. Matchboxx on said:

    Actually, the desktop version isn’t a problem. Desktop Google Talk does not support invisibility yet.

  5. Srijith on said:

    Here is a perl script to find invisible users in gmail. It checks for all users in your contacts.

  6. Hijo Joy on said:

    one way to find invisible friends in gmail account!!!!!!!!

    1) first refresh the page

    2) then it load only the online and invisible friends.

    3) within few seconds it changes and show only online friends

    try it

  7. shumaila on said:

    dear can you tell me how to know who is online or ofline ?

  8. vyompv on said:

    An easier way to find invisible users of Google talk. A small easy run GUI interface via java.


  9. HI, Actually this concept is good….. But the “Go off the record” is disabled in my gmail…….. Can u please suggest the reason behind it & how it can be enabled…………..

  10. looks good but did not work for me..
    same problem..

  11. rishabh on said:

    @priya: actually it is disabled if you see it for the people who are offline, when that particular person is online, you can find “go off the record” is enabled.

  12. kalyan sagar on said:

    If the invisible user is using orkut then its easy to identify him.

  13. looks good but did not work for me..
    same problem.. 111111

  14. I did notice through digsby the gmail icon even if under offline contacts is somewhat lit and when you start a chat and type something and press enter of just press enter no offline messages come up. Not sure if that means they are invisible or not.

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