Google’s digital address book, Gmail is all set for the new update, by integrating with its two-and-a-half-year old social network Google+.

The new update allow strangers to invade your inbox, as Google+ (540 million) users can send you emails without needing the address of yours! Are you freaked out? For many ( most of us), inbox is a private book where we share photos, notes, banking details and discuss private affairs, a place where an outsider is not invited. As the new update announced on Thursday, Gmail users gathered on Twitter to show up their rage and apparently roasted Google. Angry Gmail Users On Twitter

So what is this new setting all about?

Google  says the update lets Gmail users to receive emails from anyone on Google+ platform, though you haven’t shared email address with them. The update is already turned on as the firm rolled out the option a day back. Google Update

The new email functionality adds more professional look to messaging, as Gmail or Google+ users can email anyone on Google+, unlike the short message functionality via hangouts.

Your private space is not cluttered! If someone (not in your circle) sends you an email, it will directly get filtered to the social inbox, and stay away from your personal emails.

There is no need to go freaked out, you can still be sure of the privacy which Google assures.  Google+ doesn’t show up your email address to the connections and their address to you. If you choose to respond to the mail, there will be like any other email correspondence, or else no worries of being bombarded with follow up emails from the stranger. Users who do not wish to receive email from Google+ users  can switch the settings and change the preference.Google Settings

You can maybe conclude that Google is presumptuous to believe that its users wish to expand networking and make friends with more. Don’t spoil you day over the roll out, if you are very certain to opt out from the so called “reach out more people” keep an eye on the email alert from Google, and there you can change the settings.

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