To be start off with this post series today I am going to explain what is bluetooth and its usage? What are its predecessors? I guess you people at-least heard the word `bluetooth` before. In the modern world of communication, all are having mobile phones sometimes the mobile phones are equipped with bluetooth connectivity, WiFi connectivity etc. Anyway It is simply a wireless protocol capable for sending data’s with other devices. The devices may be either a laptop, mobile phone, PDA or whatever device that are equipped with a bluetooth chip. The bluetooth are used for short distance communication normally works in the frequency 2.4GHz.

There are mainly 3 bluetooth device class which are classified according to the range it cover. Class 1 cover upto 100 meters, Class 2 cover upto 10 meters, Class 3 cover upto 1 meters. The other classification is based on the firmware the chip carry. It may either be Version 1.2(1Mbits/sec), Version 2.0 with EDR (enhance data rate, 3 Mbits/sec) and Wimedia alliance which is proposed to be bandwidth between 53 – 450 Mbits/sec.

One of the main predecessor for bluetooth is WiBree, which comes with ultra low power chip with a bit rate of 1Mbits/sec. It is proposed and developed by Nokia recently. The WiBree research are still going on.

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