Don’t you think being productive in this time-bound era is a huge challenge? Many find it hard to beat their target with rising competitions. In today’s corporate world, entrepreneurs work around the clock to set their foundation firm within a brief span. And it’s quite tough; unless they work on their toes finishing tasks in the stipulated time, attend meetings, work on projects, be part of discussions and whatever comes their way to thrive business. But as you observe, when compared to older days, smart phones are dominating the business world placing itself superior on boards. Making it more firm, you can say, smart phones with smart apps are the best task managers for those who fully make use of it. You could see app stores getting flooded with apps which make things pretty easier. No more forgetting tasks, cracking head on sales, missing events, dropping business idea, here are some of the best apps on your Samsung Galaxy S4 to go productive on your work.


In this technology driven world, you could easily bridge up gaps and bring your world bigger at finger tips. MediaFire cloud app on your Android shortens the gap in your digital world, letting you access all your data though you are not at office. It helps you manage and organise your digital data wherever on the go making work productive and effective. This storage app provides accountholders with 50GB space where it helps to be in touch with audio or video files, digital documents, images and all stuff from anywhere. You don’t have to be worried of the security concerns, as it keeps your documents safe and enables sharing on web only when required.MediaFire

Root Explorer

It’s obvious that most times, your device tend to go messy. But it’s an easy solution to manage your files on your Android. The ultimate file manager, Root Explorer on your Android lets you access even the hard to pin data folder, making file finding and clearing pretty an easy task. If you are a root user, Root Explorer would be the right one to get things at ease. Moreover, if you are not up to rooting, you can have the best of this app with a simpler interface which help you explore zip and tar. Root Explorer features, Google Drive, Dropbox and network support, extract rar archives, remount, bookmarks, multiple tabs, send files via Bluetooth or email, SQLite database viewer, creates shortcuts and many more to add the list.Root Explorer


An essential cloud storage app to boost up work productivity. Dropbox brings all your docs, photos, videos, from anywhere to your mobile or PC. Once you install Dropbox on your system, the file which you save to Dropbox will get saved automatically to all your systems, to your Android and even the Dropbox website. Get access to your data and share it to your colleagues, friends, from anywhere, anytime with Dropbox. Your data never go missing as it goes safe and secure inside Dropbox.Dropbox


Evernote, one of the most talked out and downloaded app from app store. The award winner app, Evernote simplifies the tasks you need to get done for the day. This easy-to-use app enables you to remember all the data stored across all the devices. With Evernote on your device you could stay organised, snap photos, record voice reminders, create tasks lists, pin down your ideas, save webpages, delete unwanted data and improve your work productivity from anywhere on the globe. This app keeps your data in a completely searchable manner from your home, or workplace.Evernote

PrinterShare Mobile Print

A business person quite often comes across credentials to print out on the go. With PrintShare Mobile Print application on your Android, you could right away take print of your bills, agendas, office documents, spreadsheets, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a printer next to you. The PrintShare Premium Key is available at $9.95, which helps you unlock many hidden features of this Mobile Print app! Get this app on your Galaxy S4 and see how things become convenient for your work. PrinterShare

This post was written by Mary Roberta, an outreach consultant at Case-Mate, UK. If you liked this article or you’re a person who cares about the protection of your phone, do check out Case-Mate’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases. Cases that got for you protection as well charm.

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