Yesterday night onwards me domains are opened for registration meanwhile GoDaddy played some fraud games to their customers. We registered couple of me domains but today we got a email saying that “Concurrent registration happened for the same domain so we are putting the domains for auction“. I am sure it is a guise, I worry whether such concurrent registration problems occur with godaddy’s database. It’s really a well planned game from the corporate.

If their is such a concurrency problem with database why don’t it happened previously? Is the architects and engineers at godady are too bad to predict and take remedial measures for this type of concurrency issues? If yes shame call us we can deliver you applications that are quiet stable than godaddy 🙂 .

There is no need for a reputed company like godaddy to play such scam against their valuable customers. I would say it was against company ethics. I don’t know how much bad impression are going to create against goDaddy simply because of this planned game. I feel pity on you goDaddy.

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

12 comments on “Godaddy me domain fraud

  1. Mitur Binesderty on said:

    GoDaddy is one of the worst companies on the face of the planet. They do shit like charge you $10 saying your contact info is wrong, then when you are FORCED to change it even though it is correct you are not allowed to transfer your domain for 60 days. Bullshit. I’ve moved all of my domains for that fucked up piece of shit company.

  2. TheAnand on said:

    That was so stupid of godaddy. My frieds had the same experience with godaddy…….no, 😉

  3. david on said:

    I bought 3 .Me domain names yesterday before noon and used Promo Code CHH 2 at check out and got $5.00 off each one =O)

    I Still have not received a cancellation or mistake letter yet. So i think i’m in the clear….

  4. Yah yah.. heard about their business.

  5. Sanil S on said:

    @David: But lot of people experienced the scam of goDaddy.

  6. mircea on said:

    scam! they’ve charged me $5 for something i didn’t order – a business registration automatically added, don’t know how, but i ended paying!

  7. bugzlife on said:

    i’ve been looking for some domain names that i could build websites for. i’m surprised to find out that some of them are being “parked for free at” godaddy. parked for free or they’ve pre-registered these domains so they can sell it for a much higher price?

  8. Beware. Do not purchase doimans from 1&1 hosting. These guys find many way to overcharge for their servie. Including sending you to a collection agency if your credit card expires. Their customer serevice is also extremely slow and is not at all interested in sorting things out with the customer. They just want to enforce a groosly unfair terms and conditions.

  9. We have been trying to leave godaddy for two years, but they won’t let us. Every year they charge us for hosting our websites. We have repeatedly requested a transfer, but they ignore our emails. The company we wish to transfer to, has told us that they cannot help, the ball is in GoDaddy’s court.

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated

  10. Godaddy Coupon Codes on said:

    Hello, just sharing that I found your blog in a blog directory listing, good stuff

  11. Paul Watson on said:

    Same story here. I bought a domain name from godaddy domain auction.
    I paid to godaddy but the domain was never transferred. In fact, I got an email from godaddy telling me that they sold me something that is not in their possession. I should contact the seller. Whoever that is. For my understanding I was doing business with godaddy. Nowhere on the domain auction site a 3th party was mentioned. I feel scammed. Should heve listened to all the bad comments on Godaddy that go around on the internet.

  12. Homethangs on said:

    GoDaddy is keeping my domain hostage for 2 days already! I wasted a lot of time trying to get any results, they still won’t let me transfer the domain. Criminals!

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