No longer analysts need to use the Analytics Exporter app to transfer the data into CSV and then import it into excel! Do you know there are easy-to use excel plugins to directly export Google Analytic data into excel? Google Analytics app library provides you with many excel plugins that connects Google Analytic API to different tools! We will see some of the popular and useful Google Analytic API for excel!


Tatvic, an easy way to retrieve Google Analytic data directly to Excel. The Ninja plugin is an easy to use add-in excel plugin. If you wish to install Ninja Excel plugin it is easily available to download and after installing you could find new add-in on the tab of your Excel sheet where you could add a new data block.  Set your data block settings like filters, rules for sorting, data range, profile, metrics and dimension, etc for easy and quick data setting. Tatvic is free and easy to download plugin.Google Analytics Excel Plugins

Shuffle Point

An advanced automation excel plugin for extracting Google Analytics data. Google Analytics API works with Shuffle point newly generated query language to receive the data. This lets you get the data within a date range.  The queries are set up using this language either by moving to the URL withing excel sheet or using web-based user interface query builder and import this data into the excel data sheet. Update all the queries on the excel sheet by refresh data command. An useful plugin for MS office and other Google apps.Google Analytics Excel Plugins

Excellent Analytics

This easy to use 2007 excel plugin works well on Vista or XP puts up a query builder to easily retrieve data from Google Analytic queries directly on to excel. The plugin add-in option after installing this plugin will be shown on the tab which helps to build queries as well as update queries. As you noted in Tatvic, you could adjust the data settings like dimension, metrics, date range, profile, filters to make your data set perfectly. Here is step by step guide to get this plugin on your excel.Google Analytics Excel Plugins

Any of these plugins will easily help you to get data through Google Analytic API. Also if you got any new plugins on the way of developing do share with us. You can also check in some of the reporting tools at Google Analytics!

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