Google Chrome is an open source browser project. This browser include a Javascript virtual machine called V8. It was developed by a team from Denmark which was released as open source. The same javascript virtual machine is included in the Chrome as it is also an open source project. The main advantage of V8 is to increase browser performance.

Another major advantage of Chrome browser is the memory requirement. This browser conceives less memory compared to other browsers, mozilla(eat memory), IE(less secure), safari(cross platform but it is not really cross platform).

Major features:

  1. Google Chrome use special tabs. Tabs in the Google Chrome is upside down instead of traditional tabs in Mozilla and IE.
  2. Browser has an address bar with auto complete feature called omnibox. Which will give suggestion while typing the address.
  3. Default home page contain a speed dial feature like one with opera. Where 9 thumbnail pages are shown which we had browsed previously. On the side of the page it will show the recent searches and bookmarked pages.
  4. Google has a private mode of operation for the browser for which no operation in the window is logged in your system.
  5. The browser has the facility to disable tool bar and address bar so that web application can shown in their own window.
  6. Fight against malware attempt. Chrome will constantly downloading the list of harmful sites.

This browser will be available here from today night. As of now there is nothing is there in the link. Once the application is released the application will be available for download in the link specified above.

I am worrying about the privacy and security features with Chrome whether it is violating any security policies, Google already created an empire in web sphere. Since the application is open source we can check whether browser is violating any security policies. Google reading a lot of browser information in several application. If google is violating any security policy it should be punishable. I guess security laws in US is more better than in India.

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3 comments on “Google About To Release Google Open Source Browser Today:- Google Chrome

  1. Shyju.K on said:

    This design is really Good .Good job sarath.

  2. I saw this thing to be downloaded, could not try in office. Let me try at home.

  3. The fast dial / bubble / GUI Bookmark system is also there in Mozilla. I use that. In opera only 9 or 8 can be stored, where as in Mozilla around 100 bubble sites can be bookmarked. 🙂

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