Google recently released geolocation api, it is with reference an extension of google gears. This API is intend for Web applications. This api estimate best estimate of user positions either by using number of sources called Location providers. The location providers may either be on board GPS or a server based(network location provider). 

We don’t worry about permission, that someone track you. The location access will ask for user permission through a dailog. There are mainly three functions which are useful in determining the location, getCurrentPosition,  watchPosition,  lastPosition

This application is working in United States and United Kingdom as for now. We can integrate this with google maps. You have to know little of javascript to develop applications using geolocation and google maps api.

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One comment on “Geolocation API from Google

  1. dictionar englez roman on said:

    Is there a way to use this API directly from PHP without using javascript?

    Thank you

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