baby on google glassGoogle Glass is a wearable computer with a head-mounted display that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project with the mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format,that can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands.While the frames do not currently have lenses fitted to them, Google is considering partnering with sunglass retailers such as Ray-Ban or Warby Parker, and may also open retail stores to allow customers to try on the device.The Explorer Edition cannot be used by people who wear prescription glasses, but Google has confirmed that Glass will eventually work with frames and lenses that match the wearer’s prescription; the glasses will be modular and therefore possibly attachable to normal prescription glasses.

model wearing google glassGlass is being developed by Google X Lab,which has worked on other futuristic technologies such as driverless cars. The project was announced on Google+ by Project Glass lead Babak Parviz, an electrical engineer who has also worked on putting displays into contact lenses; Steve Lee, a product manager and “geolocation specialist”; and Sebastian Thrun, who developed Udacity as well as worked on the self-driving car project.Google has patented the design of Project Glass.Thad Starner, an AR expert, is a technical lead/manager on the project.


google glassGoogle glasses, also known as Google goggles, are unlike any other product out right now. It has all the qualities of a computer, smartphone, tablet, iPad, GPS navigation system, camera and more in a tiny piece of glass and stylish frame. Manjoo simply stated that all the information is right in front of you and outsiders will have no idea.During an interview with Thad Starner, Starner was being discreetly instructed through his glasses and Manjoo had no idea. “The notes were about me and what Starner should and should not say during the interview, including “Try to steer the conversation away from the specifics of Project Glass.” In other words, Starner was being coached, invisibly, right there in his glasses. And you know what? He’d totally won me over.”The glasses were made to attach your real glasses to them in the near future, but in time you might not have to fasten your glasses to the frames because the glasses will most likely be able to be worn by the frame itself. One of the potential designs for Project Glass is meant to be attached to a person’s existing pair of glasses. Google states that they are Google glasses, but in fact there is only a little screen in front of the consumers right eye where they can see a projection of augmented reality in front of them. There is not actual “screen,” what the consumer sees is the reality in front of them and a little virtual reality mixed in. There is no actual glass on the glasses so you have the real world in front of you.The glasses will be a hit with consumers because they do not just come in the generic colors black and white, like the smartphones, but all sorts of colors one being baby blue. It comes in different colors; it’s comfortable, durable and extremely light where it does not bother your face.


google glass disadvantagesWhen new products enter the market, consumers are sometimes hesitant to purchase the product because they are aware of some of the disadvantages that the product will develop down the road. Some of the disadvantages of Google glasses that are of consumers concerns are the cost of the glasses, the track pad, social interactions, privacy and recording issues, and more.If they forgot it was in their pocket it could be damaged or destroyed. Another issue that consumers are worried about was the decrease of social interactions and an enhanced lifestyle of a virtual reality to those who wear Google glasses. Will you be lost in your own digital world and lose your real life social connections? Glasses companies are worried about possibly going out of business in the future due to Google glasses, but as of right now they are concerned that you cannot attach glasses to the Google glasses frames yet. Glasses companies might have to wait to incorporate glass into the actual glasses.

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