Imagine you are trekking with your friends through a forest, when suddenly you see a rare exotic bird perched on a nearby tree. What do you do? Dig into your backpack for your cam so that by the time its found the bird is long gone! How about, you just say “Ok glass, take a picture” and yes, you have a picture ! That’s how amazing Google glass is. Science and technology has been advancing at a rapid pace unveiling secrets and bestowing mankind with magnificent creations, and this one sure belongs in that list.

google glassEvery invention of google has been curiously awaited and received with awe by tech savvy consumers all around the world and it goes without saying that ‘The glass’ has already been warmly embraced , thanks to the innovative initiative and technical excellence put in by Google X Lab. Google glass when worn by the user performs many functions of the camera & PC without the hassle of carrying them around , the device itself being light, portable and super user friendly.

Designed to be envied

2013 Google Developer Conference Continues In San FranciscoGoogle glass works on head mounted display technology that enables the image to be projected in your field of vision (above the right eye to be specific) minimizing your efforts and leading you to the land of augmented reality. Technically speaking the glass can brag of 5MP camera with a mooted 640 X 360 display at 72p video recording. Sound is produced by bone conduction transfer which shall vibrate the skull to transmit sound to the ears. The display is equivalent to a 25 inch high definition screen from 8 feet away. Android version is 4.0.4 or higher with 16GB storage of which 12GB is available and 682MB RAM. The frame which is available in 5 colors (Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, and Sky colors) comes with the touchpad, microphone, battery, camera and display screen built in it and adjustable nose pads. Charger and Micro USB cable are available. The glass can be worn over normal spectacles or cool shades.

Rosa Golijan wears Google Glass on Tuesday, April 30, 2013.The multi functioning of this device doesn’t weigh down on the user in terms of being bulky or unaesthetic. Bluetooth and Wi-fi are in-built though for GPS, there is a need to pair with your android phone using My glass app. Pairing with your phone also lets you read messages on the display & reply to them or send emails using the microphone and Google voice to text feature. The battery lasts a day if you aren’t really fond of taking many pictures and video conferencing with your friends using the Google hangout software

Exploring the world through the glass

explore with google-glassWith a light tap on the arm ,a window to another world opens up in front of you with endless possibilities which awaits your command to take pictures or videos, search required information or photos, provide directions, display weather or translate ‘how are you?’ (or any text) to Greek (or any language) ! Apart from the already in use Google Maps, Google +, Google now, Gmail and already mentioned My glass and hangout software you can also make use of third party applications letting your virtual world get bigger and better. You can control the glass either by a tap on the touch pad on the right arm or by giving a voice command.

Concerns about security and privacy have been raised by many , aiming at the fragility of the glass to be hacked, the ability of the device to record and broadcast private conversations and distract people while they are driving. But google is working on fixing these issues and lets hope it comes up with a safer glass in the next edition. Also obtaining the glass by paying $1500 which is the explorer edition cost may not be everyone’s cup of tea but those who did, seldom have expressed regret for letting themselves own it. After all , who wouldn’t want to grab this much hyped and sophisticated device of the year!

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