Today Google has  launched  a “Save to Drive” button that can be added to any website and  allows  the visitors to click and save files hosted on the site to their personal Google Drive account. This  button is already being used by sites like  Bigstock, Delta Dental, Fotolia, O’Reilly, Outbox and Zen Payroll. If you own a website and you wish to give this feature in your site, then the process is very simple.  All you need is to paste a couple of lines of code into your site’s HTML.

The company says that this new button is configured with some  attributes in a “div” tag, just like how Google’s +1 button is made. Apart from this there are also many advanced configurations  like support for the Save to Drive button’s JavaScript API, that  allows for programmatic and more flexible control of the buttons on your web pages.

The button allows the visitors to save files after some form of HTTP authentication. The file can be first downloaded to the user’s browser and can be uploaded to Google Drive. Usually what you do is that you first save those items to the desktop and later on save it to cloud or your drive. But now things have changed the desktop is fading away and everything can be saved directly to the drive if you wish.

Google has previously made it easier for users to save their files to their computers especially within Gmail. Before you can open standard file types without first downloading them. It will support all the major attachments that people generally send like pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .sxw, .sxc, .sxi, .sdw, .sdc, .sdd , wml files. Google Drive, now supports a wide range of file types, which will make the button useful for sharing the kinds of files that a website owner may wish to share like videos, graphics, archives (.zip and .rar), markup and code etc.

This feature is really beneficial for you as whenever you feel like you should keep a website or page for future, you can save it directly to your drive without downloading it your desktop. Everyday Google is making life more easier for you, what more you need!

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