The long awaited event of this year Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O has finally raised it’s curtain on Wednesday morning at San Francisco. The annual conference is targeted at developers, who will spend three days in sessions learning how to build for Android, Chrome, and a host of other Google products and services. Google will also announce it’s new products and software updates at this conference.

Google’s Android head Sundar Pichai has recently mentioned in an interview that you don’t have to expect the same product carnival that you saw in last year’s Google I/O . This year, Google is focusing on developers alone. Therefore you can expect some developments in software rather than hardware.

You will be wondering what ll will happen in this  grand event, Here are a few assumptions given below:

Google Glass Developments

Many tech experts believe that the second day sessions will deal mainly on developing Google Glass. There’s a great chance to use the conference for revealing more official apps. You might see the launch of automatic picture-taking mode.

There will be something new in store when compared to last year’s skydive — especially when Glass is a real thing in developers’ hands rather than a dream device.

Android Gaming Center

There is a repeated rumor that in the conference, Google will announce an official Android Game Center — a central hub for games on the platform where players can post scores, compete with each other and even engage in multiplayer gaming.

The introduction of Google Game Center for Android will make it easier for developers to create engaging, multiplayer games by standardizing the tools involved. It might include achievements, in-game chat, matchmaking, cloud save syncing, and leaderboards. Android phones, tablets and gaming devices like Nvidia’s Project Shield will benefit a lot from this announcement.

Android Update

As android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is till in the development stage, you need to wait a little longer for it.There is a rumor that you might get a new version of Jelly Bean . Android 4.3 has already upgraded the OS to Bluetooth Smart Ready, which means phones will support low-energy devices like heart-rate monitors.


One of the biggest rumors is centered on the possibility of a new cross-platform messenger service, Google Babel. It will represent a unification of Google’s myriad chat services. Babel will sync messages across Android, Chrome, iOS, Google+, and the Gmail web client.

Google TV Release

There is a rumor that Google will release it’s smart T.V during this event. The company said in a blog post in Google + last year “Stay tuned for #GoogleTV news at I/O,”

Google Maps Update

There is a rumor that Google will update it’s mapping apps., you can expect a 3D version of Google Maps in the near future.

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