The new Google Maps was made available for the general public yesterday morning. Google unveiled it on the I/O Conference. If you wish to sign up for it then you can click here.  The best part about this new map experience is that it is redesigned from the ground up, so that it can even direct you from the space inside a building or everywhere in between. Here is a brief description of what you will discover in new Google Maps discussed below:

An Entirely Fresh Look

As soon as you open the home page you will discover that everything is fresh. You can see a full screen map and there are numerous thumbnails below it. Before there was a separate search option, now you can you can search using a small widget in the upper-left corner of the screen. Your last three search history will be shown automatically when you are logged in. You can also search for a specific location like before and it will be displayed like your points of interests which is more visually appealing If you are looking for some entertainment, dine outs etc then you can even find highly rated reviews of people if you click on the links. If you are looking for a location then all related roads and destinations will appear on the page and you can plan your journey accordingly.


When you are giving a search, the map will display an info card right below the search box. You will be able to see the address and working hours of the place on it. On the right, you can discover navigation icon for directions, a star icon to save the location if you wish to see it later and the business’ website URL and phone number.

You can even find a Street-View photo icon by which you look for more pictures of a location. New Google Map will find out your preferences when you search for places, save venues and write reviews. Next time when you login it will be more like a personalized version pointing out your preferences.

A Better Image Viewing Experience

When you click on the satellite-photo icon on the bottom of the map, it will display the Google Earth view of a particular area.  You will be able to go for a photo tour when you click on a single image. The images include those that Google has taken, public images uploaded to Google+ and Picasa, as well as Photo Spheres (a 360-degree indoor image of a building) taken by Android owners.

It even shows different transportation options and the “best” route will also be  shown on the map by default. For public transportation, you can visually compare trips based on number of transfers, walking distance and total travel time. It is of great help for people who use public transportation regularly.

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