This post mainly intends to bloggers, web enthusiasts etc. Yesterday onwards google needle service is up and running however the service is under alpha release it is open to public. Google needle provide us set of services which includes.

1) Page rank calculator.

2) Retrieve your keyword’s position in google search.

3) Download Youtube video provided the URL.

Page rank calculator

This service will check the page rank of the URL, moreover google needle provide you HTML to embed the page rank in your blog.

Retrieve your keyword’s position in google search

One of the most annoying process for bloggers is to find the keywords position of a particular keyword in google search result. Google needle provide you the same service, this will avert the complication for keyword’s index from google search list. This is the most wonderful service that need to be lauded.

Download Youtube video provided the URL

This service will be helpful for those who want to download Youtube videos. You can enter the URL, the service will provide you Youtube video as flv file. This service is ominous for Youtube, however it is working well.

I guess more service are cooking in the lab, thereby making google needle a multi service platform.

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