Reuters has recently reported that Nexus 7 will undrgo a fresh makeover this summer season with the launching of it’s new version powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. It is expected that this tablet will release by July right after the one year of successful launch of original Nexus 7. The news agency has even reported that Google is planning to ship around six to eight millions of tablets in the mid half of the year. However Google hasn’t made any officiaol statement regarding this rumor.

Reuters’ sources reports that the upcoming version of the Nexus 7 will have some hardware modifications, with an increased screen resolution and a thinner bezel design. It will also use Qualcomm’s chipset instead of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 found in the previous version of Nexus 7 for better power.

When you play games, there is a chance for the battery to go down within a few hours, Nexus 7 will loses its charge much faster than the iPad when it’s not in use. Therefore the new version of Nexus 7 will have to counteract this problem.

Qualcomm and Nvidia are strong competitors in the tablet market as they have already expanded from their traditional cellphone and PC market.The original Nexus 7 offers just 8 GB of storage at a price range of $199, most of the users want more storage. So It is expected that the coming model will have more storage.

According to Reuters if Google is expecting to increase the sales of Nexus 7, then it will drop it’s price. There is even a rumor that the price of the tablet will be lowered to $149.It’s even assumed that price of Nexus 7 will be decided soon after Apple launches it new iPads this year.

There have been even earlier reports that Google’s next tablet will be named Nexus 7.7 and comes with a display panel just like the size of Apple’s iPad mini display.

All the admirers need to wait for some more months to get hold of Nexus 7 with a modified look and price.

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