You still waver in picking between Nexu and iPad Mini? It is quite obvious someone who wishing for any of these may get a confusion which to pick! Nowadays customers go for those sleek and sexy looking tab than hunky traditional ones! Google Nexus has launched with an aim to compete the world class Apple iPad. Now will look at which one to go for!

Google Nexus Vs IPad MiniConstruction

iPad Mini is designed with outstanding construction which is always the trademark of Apple products. High quality material make, attractive and polished body surface can make it a more choosy tablet. It is 0.28 inch thin when compared to Nexus 7 which is about 0.41 inch. But Google Nexus finds easy to carry than incredibly designed Apple iPad Mini. This sleek construction of Apple product makes it costlier and a luxurious tab!

User Interface

Google Nexus Vs IPad MiniNexus 7 offers Android interface with user friendly buttons at the sides and on the screen whereas Apple is still with its usual home screen touch button. Google Nexus 7 features unique microUSB port, power buttons, volume control, and single small strip for speakers at its rear whereas Apple iPad Mini got Lighting docking port at its trim and speakers on its right and left bottom trim.


Though you could boost of Apple’s matchless design, the 7.9″ IPS LCD display got a lower resolution of 1024 x 768 (162 ppi) which does not display sharp details whereas Nexus 7 gets you into fine detailing with its 7″ WXGA 1280 x 800 IPS Google Nexus Vs IPad Minidisplay (216 ppi). Maybe you could not find the difference at a normal or longer distance but as you come closer you find Google Nexus 7 to be more sharp!

iOS Interface

Apple with its new iOS 6 version looks awful when rated with pure Android 4.1 Jelly Bean feel! Apple iPad Mini doesn’t offer much in terms of its newer version of iOS 6 than it helps the first time Apple users to easily navigate on the screen but as you see the total picture, Jelly Bean experience of Nexus 7 is just brilliant! Google Now, enhanced Google Voice Search and the rich Google ecosystem are some of the outstanding features provided by Google Nexus 7.

Google Nexus Vs IPad MiniCamera

Are you got that habit of clicking snaps whenever and wherever? Apple iPad Mini meets your desire with a front facing 1.2 mega pixel camera which enables who to capture 720p videos and about 5 mega pixel auto focus which you ever imagine of! Nexus 7 got only a single front facing camera!

Touch N Type

Google Nexus Vs IPad MiniNexus 7 comes with the virtual portrait keyword providing a cool typing experience whereas iPad Mini requires a little stretch on our thumbs to deal with its keyboard, but anyways iPad Mini got a perfect solution by offering you with a split keyboard for better typing experience.

Though both are competing on a tough platform you need to look into all aspect just not to tear your pocket with something that is not suitable for you! Do refer Apple iPad Mini and Google Nexus 7 for better decision!

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